Drug Coms - Dristan Commercial (1960)

Drug Coms - symbicort.wmv

Insurance Coms - Wish You Were Here (:30) | State Farm Commercial

Insurance Coms - Parker Promo (:30) | State Farm Commercial

Movie Trailers - After We Collided - Official Trailer

Movie Trailers - The Kissing Booth 3 Exclusive Sneak Peek | Netflix

Travel Coms - Hotel commercial JW Marriott Hotel Dubai

Travel Coms - Oberoi Hotels Commercial

Credit Card Coms - Peggy - Transfer - Discover Card Commercial

Credit Card Coms - Discover Card - Peggy Customer Service #1

Capital One Commercials

No Capital One Commercials Videos

MarcElliott | 2014-01-02

Peggy - Transfer - Discover Card Commercial

The best credit card commercials from TV and the internet. Funny, touching and odd credit card advertisements that leave an impression. Find endless hours of your favorite credit card commercials throughout the years with new additions all the time. Want to add your great credit card commercials to this page? Just upload them to YouTube with the title “Credit Card Commercial” or “Credit Card Commercials” and then pump it up with lots of views. If the video scores up some likes, you may see us add it to this page.

Discover Card Peggy Ads

Discover Card Peggy Ads Videos

Peggy - Transfer - Discover Card Commercial


Discover Card - Peggy Customer Service #1


Discover Card Peggy proposes for me!!


Napoleon Dynamite vs. Peggy - DISCOVER CARD COMMERCIAL SPOOF


Another Discover Card Spoof! Adam Sandler and Peggy Hash It Out!


Discover Card: Peggy's 'Six Flags' Adventure with Brad - License Plates


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Discover Card Commercials

No Discover Card Commercials Videos

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MasterCard 'We Want the Funk' Commercial


Brett Favre Mastercard Priceless


MasterCard Priceless Commercial - 'Cashier'


Mastercard Priceless Elephant


Mastercard baseball commercial


Mastercard - Priceless, Kitchen Night Off