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Insurance Coms - Flag Football with Jerome Bettis - GEICO Insurance

Insurance Coms - Landscaper Cuts Rival Baseball Logo into Customer's Grass - GEICO Insurance

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Funny Capital One Bank Grand Canyon Vikings Commercial 2003 for Double Miles What's in Your Wallet?

Funny Capital One Bank Grand Canyon Vikings Commercial 2003 for 'Double Miles' and the question 'What's in Your Wallet?' More information about the history of Capital One is available on the corporate website - - 'Richard D. Fairbank is founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital One Financial Corporation. Capital One,...

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Peggy - Transfer - Discover Card Commercial


Discover Card - Peggy Customer Service #1


Discover Card Peggy proposes for me!!


Napoleon Dynamite vs. Peggy - DISCOVER CARD COMMERCIAL SPOOF


Another Discover Card Spoof! Adam Sandler and Peggy Hash It Out!


Discover Card: Peggy's 'Six Flags' Adventure with Brad - License Plates


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Discover Card Commercials

No Discover Card Commercials Videos

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Brett Favre Mastercard Priceless


MasterCard Priceless Commercial - 'Cashier'


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